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Gordon R. Mackie was born in 1954 in Glasgow and studied at the Glasgow School of Art from 1972-6, where he achieved first equal in Drawing & Painting and the Sam Mavor Travelling Scholarship. He has recently served as a Trustee of the National Galleries of Scotland..  read more...


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Visit Studio. To view paintings 'in the flesh' please  email or call to make an appointment.
Gordon R Mackie :  Path to Findlater 5

Path To Findlater Castle 5

Sold to Dr A. Douglas, Ardach Health Centre


Gordon R Mackie :  Wheatfields near Chatignac

"Wheatfields near Chatignac"

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Gordon R Mackie : Dark Headland

"Dark Headland"

enlarged image / info /price


Gordon R Mackie : Blazing Sky, Cullen Bay

"Blazing Sky , Cullen Bay"

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Gordon R Mackie :  Cullen Links from the Viaduct - study

"Cullen Links from the Viaduct" - sold to Mrs Flett, Banchory


Works For Sale

These paintings are original works of art and are available for sale directly from this site.

Works can be supplied either unframed or framed.

The price given is for the work framed, but does not include carriage and insurance.

If you would like further details about a particular work or would like to buy please contact Gordon R Mackie directly (details here)

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